Something I wrote to a friend once.

Boy, my clever boy;

Why is that when I ask you for a word,

You pick abomination?


Boy, my clever boy;

You are an abomination.

An abomination of the best kind.


Boy, my sensitive boy;

Don’t you dare think you’re like everyone else.

Don’t you dare want that for yourself.


Boy, my dear boy;

You’re not meant to be the dead fish.

You’re meant to search the oceans for riches.


Boy, my dear boy;

You’re the one who’ll disrupt the flow.

You’ll find many versions of you in the treasure chest.


Boy, my gifted boy;

You will not be held by common barriers.

You will not be kept by in ambition.


Boy, my darling boy;

You will soar these skies.

You will walk these roads.


Boy, my darling boy;

I will be your shadow and step out to remind you;

That you are an abomination.

That you are your brilliance.

That you are your kind eyes and wise words.

Anything else, is for another time and another world.


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