I’m scared of thunderstorms.

I’m afraid of the darkness.

I say ‘the darkness’ like it’s just one darkness.

One entity.

Like it’s the same darkness everywhere.

And tonight, the two have cooked up a feast for me.

In a strange city.

A city where no one will look for me.

I consider losing myself here, hence.

Sometimes, I consider what when no one will come searching.


I’m scared of heights.

I’m afraid of falling too hard.

I say falling too hard, in context to you.

You know who you are.

But you don’t know why I can’t fall for you.

I keep writing you love letters.

Love letters that you’ll never read.

They’ll char from the fire raging inside of me.

I write to you in the darkness with thunderstorms witness.

And I lose you in the wound-up lanes of this strange city.


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